Déboisement et le consumérisme

My second installation project focuses consumerism and the destruction of nature. It seems that as consumerism grows around the world, more and more open land is claimed by factories and cities.
In this work-in-progress, I am taking raffia, a natural material, and wrapping it around man-made objects such as chairs and tables. On the right, there is a small diorama of a "forest" and on the left are man made objects (the paper and chair). These items are connected by raffia which stems from the forest.
I wanted this to represent the destruction of forests for the purpose of man. We are focusing so much on consumerism and making money that we overlooking whee everything comes from. We are also disregarding the protection of nature and natural resources. Something such as wood from forests are used to make everything, from papers to plastic. I find that people (especially in America) do not realize the real costs of the objects they buy and tend to purchase and discard them haphazardly.
I wanted my installation to address this problem and make the viewer think differently about everyday objects and how they are made and discarded. By recycling, we can reduce the use of natural resources and take better care of the environment.
The pictures attached are of this work-in-progress. I am currently thinking of ways to make my message more clear and impactful.

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